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Google Podcasts and Episode search ranks for Podcast SEO

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Jalal Fathi
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Podkite tracks the position your podcast or episode shows up when someone types in a specific keyphrase into the search bar of e.g. Apple Podcasts – As part of Podkite’s PPO feature.

Podcast Search Rankings

Additionally to tracking Apple Podcast search results on a show level, we now also show episode search results for Apple and Google Podcasts as well as the respective keyword competitors.

Competitor Analysis

Get More Podcast Listeners with SEO

One way to grow your download numbers without advertising is to bring people to your podcast when they type in related keyphrases. Think about John typing in “online business” into the Google Podcasts’ search bar and finds your show.

The podcast discovery study figured out that most people discover new podcasts via the search bar of a listening app.

source: thepodcasthost.com

Some other studies say that word of mouth and web search engines lead the way in discovering new podcasts. No matter which podcast discovery study you look at, optimizing your RSS feed content for the directory search engine of a listening app sounds like a good idea.

You especially and continuously want to make sure that people find your podcast:

  • when they type in the name of your show. This is tremendously important when people recommend your podcast by just telling it to someone.
  • when they type in a keyword that is most related to the content you provide. This becomes especially important when people are looking for a topic to learn more about.

Where does your podcast rank?

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